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Call us now to convert your overseas motorcycle licence to a Victorian motorcycle licence. A quick check will confirm if you need to complete some testing with Vic Roads if you don't hold a current Victorian car licence.

We provide professional riding tuition, from beginners to advanced and have been training Melbourne's motorbike riders for over 35 years.

All instructors are Vic Roads accredited assessors and are governed by the mandatory Vic Roads curriculum. 
We never charge extra for weekend training

Don't give up a whole weekend if you don't want to! Learner Permit classes can be split over days (but must be completed within 7 days) and we offer Saturday & Sunday afternoon consecutive days also

Use of our motorcycle or scooter is included in the Learner Permit course

Our Instructors are trained to exacting standards, then tested and accredited by Vic Roads

We ensure convenient class schedules and flexibility to allow you to take any classes at times that suit you within 7 days of starting

Don't pay more for weekend training!

Accredited Training Provider

Motorcycle Motion are fully accredited by Vic Roads to conduct Motorcycle Learner Permit and Motorcycle Licence testing in the State of Victoria. We are an required to follow all course curriculum as set by Vic Roads for Learner Permit, Check Ride and Licence Assessment.


As of 19/3/2016 the learner permit course became a compulsory 2 day course of 7.5 hours each day.  This is a Vicroads directive and there is no other way to do a learner permit in Victoria.

Day 1
  • Basic Introduction to the Motorcycle controls
  • Basic Riding skills
  • Riding Curves
  • Introduction to slow ride
  • Skills consolidation
  • Motorcycle learner permit knowledge assessment. (Victorian Rider Handbook)

Day 2
  • Manoeuvring, Steering, Braking
  • Tactics and strategy, skills consolidation
  • Off road Learner permit assessment
  • On road Learner permit assessment
  • Issued with Learner Permit

* Please note riders will not be allowed to continue to the on road component if they fail the off road assessment.


Before undertaking the Motorcycle Licence Assessment it is compulsory to undertake a 3.5 hour on road riding assessment known as a Check Ride

The check ride consists of 1.5 hours of off road skills assessment and review of learner course.

Riders are then taken out on the road where their riding ability is assessed and considered viable to proceed to the Licence Assessment which will be conducted on a separate day. Riders are encouraged to use their own bikes for the Check Ride.

A Check ride can be undertaken before you have held your learners permit for three months.  We recommend that you do 2 months of riding before coming in for your Check Ride.

* Please note a rider will not be taken out for the on road component if their skills are considered inadequate for road riding.


A rider needs to have held their learner permit for a minimum of 3 months and completed a check ride at least 1 month earlier.
The Licence Assessment consists of 20 minute off road skills assessment and a 40 minute on road assessment. 
Riders are encouraged to use their own bikes for Licence assessment.

* Please note the rider will not be taken out on the road if they fail the off road skills assessment.

Overseas Licence Conversion

If you have a Victorian car licence but are riding a motorcycle using an overseas motorbike licence, you must convert the overseas bike licence immediately. You cannot drive and ride with licences from 2 different countries.

You can drive using your overseas licence when you first arrive in Victoria BUT if you plan on staying for more than 6 months, you will need to convert your overseas licence to a Victorian licence within this time.

If you hold an overseas motorbike license that is full and unrestricted, you may be able to convert this over to a full motorbike licence. To do this, you need to get your licence verified by Vic Roads and then you need to successfully complete the two-day learner permit course and the on-road licence assessment.

If you don't have a Victorian Car Licence you will also need to undertake a Road Knowledge Test and a Hazard Perception Test at Vic Roads.

Please click the button below to contact us and we can help you with your conversion. 

Please note: If you're currently living in Victoria and driving with an overseas or interstate licence, you'll have six months from 29 October 2019, to convert to a Victorian licence regardless of your Visa or if you have an international driving permit. 

Private Lessons & 1-On-1 Training

Private lessons are always available if you are returning to riding or want to hone your skills.

Use our bike, or bring your own!

We offer private lessons or 1-On-1 training on public roads or on our training range.

Call or contact us now to arrange a convenient time for a refresher or to improve your riding!

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